Together with our stakeholders, we will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future in harmony with the environment.

SDGs of Toho Shoji


We continue to contribute to sustainable development by emphasising environmental, social and governance (ESG) in our corporate activities, with the aim of realising a sustainable society.

We are committed to providing environmentally friendly products and services, and we are promoting environmental initiatives such as reducing our carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency. We also address social issues, contributing to local communities, improving human rights and working conditions, and promoting health-related initiatives.

We conduct our corporate activities in an ethical manner and ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. We are also committed to increasing corporate transparency and building relationships of trust with our stakeholders.

The Company will continue to promote initiatives to realise a sustainable society.

Environmental initiatives

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, reducing our carbon footprint and using renewable energy sources.

We also implement environmentally friendly initiatives throughout the lifecycle of our products and services, and ensure that our supply chain is also environmentally friendly.

Commitment to society

The Company is actively involved in local communities and social issues and carries out CSR and social contribution activities.

We are also working on social issues from a global perspective and promoting initiatives to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals .

Governance initiatives

TWe are committed to ethical management, strengthening compliance and promoting risk management in its corporate activities.

We also aim to improve corporate transparency, enhance disclosed information and strengthen communication with stakeholders.

Employee working practices

We place great importance on the health and wellbeing of our employees, and we are committed to promoting a better way of working.

We are also working to create a better working environment for our employees, for example by improving their work-life balance.